AUTOSAR Services

AUTOSAR - A Revolutionary Choice in Automotive Industry

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a globally recognized development association of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and various companies that are part of software, electronics & semiconductor sector. The main aim of the association is to build a global standard for prevalent software architecture, application interfaces and time-tested techniques of embedded software for automobile electronics.

AUTOSAR describes unified software architecture with the goal to facilitate the exchange of software on different ECUs.

Shifting to AUTOSAR is generally an uphill struggle to most of the projects. However, when you access for ElectRay’s AUTOSAR services, you can be assured with 100% support in each and every phase of ECU development.

Our proficiency and experience in AUTOSAR can assist our clients to develop and integrate the AUTOSAR software, verify software for AUTOSAR compliance and help them to shift from legacy to AUTOSAR architecture.

ElectRay's AUTOSAR Offering

We have expertise in the development, integration and validation of AUTOSAR Basic software Module (BSW):

Development: AUTOSAR compliant Basic software modules development

Configuration: System Stack, Communication Stack, Memory Stack, I/O Hardware, Abstraction, Complex Device Driver

Integration: AUTOSAR Stack Software integration from the leading tool suppliers

Migration: Microcontroller platforms and integration of OEM specific AUTOSAR modules

Upgrade: Upgrading of platform software to new AUTOSAR version of specifications

Code Analyses: Polyspace, QA-C/MISRA

In-Vehicle Bus Simulation: Vehicle bus simulation using leading tools suppliers

Testing: AUTOSAR module functional & integration testing

AUTOSAR Tooling:

  1. Vector: DaVinci Configurator PRO / Developer
  2. Elektrobit: EB tresos Studio
  3. Mentor Graphics: Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect (VSA)
  4. Continental: CESSAR-CT

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