J1939 Stack



  • J1939 Interaction Layer
  • J1939 Diagnostic Layer as per J1939/73
  • J1939 Transport Layer as per J1939/21
  • J1939 Network Management as per J1939/81
  • Fault Handler or Fault Memory Manager
  • Flash/NV Driver
  • CAN Driver as per ISO 11898

Product Description

The use of reliable communication protocol software stack is essential when setting up in vehicle network. The use of ready to use standardised software components guarantees easy portability and smooth integration of different ECUs in the Vehicle networks for the automotive OEMs and its suppliers. Furthermore, the ready to use software components leads to a reduced development cost and project timeline.

ElectRay's eLite.J1939 stack is based on SAE J1939 standard. The eLite.J1939 stack is designed to be used in Commercial vehicles and Off highway vehicles. It can be configured to accommodate the memory needs of the small footprint ECUs.

Post Sales Support & Services

  • Stack Configuration as per the OEM requirements.
  • Stack integration in ECU Software.
  • Small Footprint
  • SAE J1939 Compliance
  • Configurable J1939 transmit & receive messages (PGNs).
  • Supports key DM messages: DM1, DM2, DM3, DM4, DM5, DM6, DM11, DM12, DM13, DM19
  • Transport layer for large data transfer
  • NM support for address claiming process
  • ANSI C source code
  • Fault logging and storage
  • Application User Interfaces
  • Can be used with or without RTOS
  • Configuration tool to configure the stack

Supported Platforms

  • Infineon XC2787
  • Renesas RL78
  • Renesas RH850

Test Package

Ready to run example application.


  • User Manual
  • Test Reports
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