Vehicle Diagnostics

One of the intrinsic part of modern-day vehicles is Diagnostics. Keeping in view, the ever-increasing complexity of ECUs and their perplexing communication stages, it is indispensable to have complete understanding of the control functions. One of the key functions of diagnostic processes in engineering, manufacturing, testing and after-sales service is to directly access ECU and scrutinize precisely. Regardless to the functionality, Diagnostics is vital to be performed on each ECU in vehicle.

The technique of reading and writing the information in Vehicle is known as Diagnostic communication. Usually this communication comprise of Fault memory, Flash programming, parameter evaluations, control parameters etc. In the present-day there are considerable amount of industry standard diagnostic protocols and methods available to attain it.

ElectRay pride themselves on having expertise and deep experience in deployment of diagnostic processes and smoothly performing diagnostics operations.

ElectRay gives you the best conditions for implementing your requirements. Our skilled and experienced employees are expedient for providing efficient and customer's specific diagnostic services:

Diagnostics Protocol support:

  1. UDS - ISO 14229
  2. OBD – ISO 15031
  3. KWP2000 CAN – ISO 14230, ISO 15765
  4. DoIP – ISO 13400
  5. KWP2000 K-Line
  6. GMLAN – GMW3110

Diagnostics Data Description:

  1. ODX – ISO 22901-1
  2. OTX – ISO13209
  3. CAN DBC

Tools Support:

  1. Vector: CANoe, CANdela Studio, ODX Studio, CANdesc
  2. Intrepid: Vehicle Spy

Migration: An older diagnostics protocol migration to UDS 14229

Specification: Diagnostics specification creation

Implementation: Development and maintenance of Diagnostics Stack

Configuration & Integration: Third party Diagnostics stack configuration and integration in ECU software.

Verification & Validation: Validation of the Diagnostics Stack

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