Board Support Package



  • MCAL Drivers: Microcontroller on-chip device drivers
  • HAL Drivers: External peripheral device drivers, ECU specific drivers & Libraries

Product Description

When developing an Automotive ECU, you will be attracted by a new System On Chip (Soc) with features that can greatly improve the overall performance of the end product. The ready Board Support Package (BSP) is there to help you get the best from it. Most chip manufacturers also provide low-level drivers and start-up code, but it typically covers very basic features and may not sufficiently cover all the capabilities offered by the hardware module.

ElectRay's eLite.BSP is ready-to-use, production grade software that can be deployed on powertrain, body, and chassis ECUs. It can be configured to accommodate the specific needs of IO's in your ECU.

Additionally, ElectRay's software team can integrate and configure complete Board Support Packages for your specific platform, taking care of supporting all the lower-level aspects of the embedded product. Our expertise covers IO, memory & communication driver development. Thanks to that, our customers can stay focused on developing their specific applications, which represent the real value of their product.

Post Sales Support & Services

  • BSP Configuration as per the ECU requirements.
  • BSP integration in ECU Software.
  • Small Footprint
  • MISRA-C Compliant Code
  • MCAL Drivers: DIO, ADC, GPT, PWM, MCU, WDT, SPI, CAN, LIN, Dflash/EEPROM, RAM/ROM test
  • HAL Drivers: External device drivers, ECU specific drivers & interface drivers
  • Tested on unit and integration levels
  • Standardized & well-documented API's
  • Can be used with or without RTOS
  • Ability to configure according to ECU hardware requirements
  • Body and powertrain ECUs are examples of existing use cases

Supported Platforms

Vendor Micro Family Toolchain
Renesas RL78 IAR
NXP S12X Cosmic
Infineon XC27XX Tasking

Test Package

Ready to run example application.


  • User Manual
  • Test Reports
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