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Flash Bootloader Solutions

With an intention to optimize code for the end-customer even after delivery of vehicle, currently all ECUs in vehicle are well integrated with Flash (Program) memories. It can be an incredible benefit.

The Flash Bootloader (FBL) is an independent software module which enables embedded software download and any program module replacement which is part of ECU (it needs Flash or EEPROM memory). The Bootloader has zero dependency of Application software functionality being flashed or programmed.

Since the FBL is not the primary end product which is going to be sold however the FBL is the most important part of the product. This requires very in-depth knowledge and expertise of microcontroller platform, utilization of memory, other resources management. Generally, FBL applications are:

  • Update the current ECU software at the time of service and eradicate removing the ECU from the vehicle for updating its embedded software
  • Reconfiguration or total programming of ECU while manufacturing or service eliminates the necessity of maintaining separate inventory of ECUs, during production as well as aftermarket
  • Download of software and application data while development accelerates unit and vehicle testing

Our long years of experience on third party and legacy FBL make us the ideal partner for a customized solution.

The Flash Bootloader services provided by ElectRay are easily maintained and provides their customer necessary support in terms of know-how, trainings and on-site engineering services.

Design: Services in designing the legacy Bootloader modules

Development: Development of legacy FBL modules i.e. Device drives for COM & Memories, OEM specific Diagnostic features, flashing algorithms etc.

Migration: Microcontroller platform migration

Configuration: Configuration using third party tools

Integration: FBL integration on HW platform in ECU

Verification & Validation: Bootloader V&V as per the test plan

Third Party FBL:

  1. Vector FBL
  2. Mentor Graphics

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