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Software Testing & Test Automation

According to more than a decade long of experience, we have noticed that "Embedded Software Testing" is the most neglected area within Embedded Systems. On one side many companies are ignorant about this concept, on the other side Fortune 500 companies are shelling out millions to just identify the bug. There are many myths among the project teams, hence it’s crucial for the industry to focus on Systematic and comprehensive Software Testing.

Product development lifecycle is incomplete and probably flawed without testing and validation. Before releasing any product, accurate testing is critical. Each component of the product has to be thoroughly tested and verified, to make sure the development takes place as per the requirements. Testing can turn out to be expensive as well as it can be difficult to fit in extra phase within the deadline for companies. It will be wise for such companies to outsource services for testing and validation. They can take help of independent experts who have in-depth experience in testing and has the ability to accomplish the task on time.

At ElectRay, we have extensive experience in embedded systems validation in automotive domain. We perform rigorous independent testing to meet our customer requirements, ensuring vehicle safety.

To cater the testing and validation needs of automotive industry we support independent software testing services as below:

Test Solutions

  1. Core Embedded Testing: White and Black box tests. Coverage of complex embedded test processes i.e. CPU & Memory Usage, interrupt latencies, Stack analysis, load & performance etc.
  2. Test Automation: Test Automation infrastructure development support and test services
  3. Third Party Verification & Validation: Support for third party V&V services based on client test environment
  4. Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) Testing

Test workflow

  1. Test Systems/Environment Configuration: includes ECU inputs/outputs
  2. Implementation: Development of interactive and automatic test processes
  3. Test Case configuration: Project specific Test case configurations
  4. Test Libraries: Creation of test-case libraries
  5. Test Integration of the test system into a test environment
  6. Test Execution: Manual or Automatic test execution based on test environment

Tools and Technologies

  1. Platforms: Eclipse, Artop
  2. Tools: CANoe, CANstress, FRstress, CANape, INCA, BUSMASTER, Vehicle Spy, TRACE32, GDB, ZAP, Hitex Debugger
  3. Scripts: Python, Perl, Tcl, XML, CAPL
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