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Connected Cars

The Connected Cars which is also cited as Internet of Everything, defines as a system where elements in real world and sensors within or connected with these elements are linked to the internet through wired internet network or wireless network.

It is a technique which builds connection among the network of physical objects or elements present within Embedded Electronics like sensors, firmware, processors and connectivity. It allows objects to transform other objects.

Smart cities, smart homes, smart enterprises, any such area can get smarter because of this revolutionary IoT which is virtually present in almost everything. It results in colossal opportunities.

Without proper communication it will be hard time to get success for humans. Communication is certainly a two-way process, information has to be passed as well as received effectively. In order to strengthen the information transfer process, powerful communication mechanism is necessary. IoT is ideal technique.

Cisco's Connected Cars Group (IOTG) predicted that there will be over 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

The Connected Cars are driven by following entities:



Data collection and processing

ElectRay supports solutions based on embedded software/firmware as below:

We are providing solutions and services in the following areas

  1. Connected Machines or M2M
  2. Connected Cars

BSP/Firmware/RTOS support services

Micro Platforms: 8bit to 32bit Micros platforms

Communication protocol stack support

Sensing Technologies:

  1. Sensors: Electric/Magnetic, Force/Loan/Strain/Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Position
  2. Communication Systems: CAN, OBD, Modbus, BACnet, RS-485 etc.

Connectivity Technologies:

  1. Wired Networks: TCP over Ethernet, Modbus
  2. Wireless Networks: WiFi, ZigBee

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