• DCM: ISO 15031-5 Services
  • DEM: Fault Handler or Fault Memory to support OBD
  • FIM: Inhibition Control for SW Modules
  • CANTP: ISO 15765-4 Transport layer


  • OEM Independent solution for AUTOSAR
  • Can be easily customised for any OEM
  • Generation of optimised application code templates

Product Description

Vehicle emission characteristics are monitored and observed through Onboard Diagnostics (OBD). This means that each emission relevant ECU needs to support the OBD diagnostic. Over the last few years, because of OBD regulations, ECUs other than Powertrain are also required to support the OBD compliance.

ElectRay's eSAR.OBD stack is based on ISO 15031-5 standard and compliance with AUTOSAR R4.4.0. The eSAR.OBD stack is designed to be used in automotive, commercial vehicles, three wheelers and motor bikes ECUs. The Diagnostic trouble codes and fault memory is part of the eSAR.OBD stack. The standalone configuration tool helps to customise the features to meet the end application requirements.

The eSAR.OBD stack can be used in AUTOSAR or conventional ECU software environment. It can also be configured to accommodate the memory needs of the small footprint ECUs.

Note: NV data storage handling implemented as per the AUTOSAR standard using standardised API's and can be easily ported with any third party Flashing libraries.

Post Sales Support & Services

  • Stack Configuration as per the OEM requirements.
  • Stack integration in ECU Software.
  • Key Supported Diagnostic Services: $01, $02, $03, $04, $05, $06, $07, $08, $09, $0A
  • AUTOSAR R4.4.0 Compliance
  • ISO 15031-5 Compliance
  • MISRA compliant
  • Configuration tool to configure the stack
  • ANSI C source code
  • Fault logging and storage
  • Perform fault analysis
  • Can be used with or without RTOS
  • Due to AUTOSAR Architecture, highly configurable and scalable

Supported Platforms

Platform Independent

Test Package

Ready to run example application.


  • User Manual
  • Test Reports
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