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This training provides an in-depth understanding of AUTOSAR technical concepts. You will learn the AUTOSAR system architecture, configuration and software development methodology. In addition, you will also use the ElectRay's AUTOSAR Configuration tool to configure the module and generate the code.

After completion of this class participants will be able to understand the AUTOSAR specifications & writing the software as per the AUTOSAR compliance.


Systems Engineers, Software Tech Leads, Software Developers & Testers


3 days including self study reading material & practical examples

Training Format

In-person or Remote


Embedded Software Development experience


Part I: Basics

  • AUTOSAR Concept introduction
  • Important Terms in AUTOSAR
  • AUTOSAR Methodology
  • AUTOSAR Layered Architecture
  • AUTOSAR Configuration

Part II: Advanced

  • Basic Software Modules (BSW)
  • RTE
  • Software Components (SWC)
  • AUTOSAR stack Configuration examples and practice

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