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Flash Bootloader


In this module, you will learn the basics of Bootloader and a detailed overview of the various components of Bootloader. Generic topics such as memory management and communication interfaces are also touched upon briefly. You will also have the opportunity to obtain an overview of ElectRay’s eLite.FBL product and its features as an example.

After completion of this class, attendees will be able to understand the Bootloader basics, Bootloader software configuration, software development and testing.


Software Tech Leads, Software Developers


2 days including self study reading material & practical examples

Training Format

In-person or Remote


Embedded Software Development experience


  • Bootloader basics concepts
  • Flash Bootloader Architectures
  • Components of Bootloader
  • Bootloader Executive
  • Flashing Executive
  • Memory Management
  • Security
  • Communication interfaces & flashing tools
  • ElectRay’s eLite.FBL stack configuration hands on

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